Afterschooling has been around a while, but is still in it's infancy, in terms of awareness and numbers. As our school systems continue to fail so many children, parents are looking for ways and resources to supplement their child's education. Whether it's because those subjects are often not being taught in schools anymore, such as Geography, Cursive Writing and Foreign Languages, or, because their child may have a particularly hard time with specific subjects. Sometimes, it's because their schools are hardly teaching the kids even the basics.

So why the Homeschool/Afterschool connection? They are certainly an easy fit. Afterschooling, in its essence IS schooling at home. Homeschoolers and Afterschoolers both need the same types of curriculum resources, games, apps, books, etc.

Afterschoolers will often find, schooling at home is very, very different than what their child does in public school, and it can be challenging! Homeschoolers know these challenges well. I will post links to articles and resources in this section that are particular to Afterschooling, but the whole site is full of secular resources to help you teach your child.